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Straight / Flexi / Corners & Infil Panel all shown:

road forms in use

The most flexible and versatile road form in the world; fix into any surface:


The Fast-Form road form can work with the Fast-Form brackets to give the most stable road form on the market, one that can be pinned with standard road form pins.

Available as a Straight Road Form or Flexi Road form


Totally unique our road form can also be fixed to decking with wood screws or to concrete blinding or slabs with re-usable, self tapping concrete bolts.

So what ever your ground conditions our road form can be fitted safely and securely.

No more battered, old,  bent & rusty road forms, choose the galvanized Fast-Form road form and get much more than just standard road form.

Get a road form that can be turned into a slab edge formwork system and can be fixed to any type of ground or base.

Choose a road form that is lighter, stronger and more flexible, the best road form on the market.

How many times have you hired road forms to find they look like a piece of bent scrap metal?


Fast-Forms road forms are galvanized steel ( we offer mild steel versions for sale as well).

They are stronger than any other road form, they are more flexible than any other road form because then can be joined on top of each other for larger pour heights.

Another unique feature of our road form is that they can also have ply fitted to the face, so if you wanted a fair face finish to a slab you can turn our road form into a fair faced shutter.

Our unique road forms are unlike any other road form on the market and we offer road form hire & road form sales download a brochure here.

Fast Forms Patented design is the only road form in the World to offer:

  • Fully Galvanised, wont rust, bend or warp
  • Stacking to create larger forms up to 1.8m high
  • Option to fix ply to the face to turn the road form into fair faced formwork
  • Secure bolted joints for no movement at joints
  • Ability to fix into ground / hard-core / concrete or plywood decking
  • Accommodates 16 / 20 & 25mm pins
  • Double wedge fixing for sturdy support
  • Option to fix Fast Form brackets as a support system
  • Infil panels to suit any length
  • Unique corners
  • Dowel holes

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